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By Oldog
Red Chaser, and you other Deep South coastal Drakians ready for this? Is Plow down there in Mississippi?

It has happened so quickly it hasn't gotten the coverage, but those can be the natural disasters that hurt the most.

Hope it is just a nuisance, but y'all do take care!

Could it be like Sharknado except big ass Bull Redfish flying through the air?
I just got to apalachicola .....the air is thick and the wind is strong but I think we dodged it again.

If you've never experienced 84 degrees and 100% humidity and 30 plus mph winds. It's pretty interesting

Godspeed to those in Mississippi and Louisiana. I hope you fare well.
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By Plow
Just completed my local drive around after the storm and there’s good and bad news to report.

The good news is I saw several out of state Red Cross car coming in on highway 49. That means the casino are running and have AC, restaurants are serving full menus, bars still have top-shelf liquor and the working girls are open for business.

The bad news is the Red Cross is here.

I hear it’s worse to the east (ain’t it always) with Pascagoula and Bama taking the blunt.
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By Redchaser
It was sunny and blue bird here yesterday.
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By LA Fly Guy
Ruddy Duck wrote: Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:26 am Prepared for the worst here in Covington. Got nothing.

Very fortunate when that happens.
I won't quite say that we prepared for apocalyptic damage, but we were prepared nonetheless for whatever this storm could dish out.

I fear that after a couple of these people get tired of the lack of damage instead of realizing how fortunate they were.

That's when the bad shit happens.

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