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By flysmallie

So 421sd was supposed to pick me up around 10am Saturday morning for a little white bass search. Well it seems he stayed up half the night drinking whiskey and I was having my own problems fighting fires in the garage so we didn't hit the road until around 1pm.

Headed for the access to find that it had jumped up overnight and turned to a big muddy river. And even though we heard that some fish were still being caught we said fuck it and headed on down the road.

Next access looked like the ocean. We wouldn'tt be able to paddle that without needing a rescue so we looked elsewhere. Drive a while. Nope. Drive some more. Nope. What the fuck? Where is some good looking water. So after a consultation with the map we spotted a potential place that neither of us had been to.

We made it there to find good looking water but nobody else around. That wasn't the best thing. Usually in this part of the earth there are people everywhere looking for these fish. But we said fuck it and unloaded boats and geared up. All along our intention had been to paddle upstream and find fish and then float back to the truck. But 421 had the feeling we should go downstream. That would mean paddling back up and it was already 3pm at this point. So fuck it all to hell and away we went downstream. Made a couple of stops. Nada. Kept going. We made it 1.1 miles downstream when 421 connected first. He found a spot with some fish in it. And we molested that spot taking turns stepping in and catching a fish. While that one was being added to the stringer the other guy would step in and within a cast or two have a fish on.

We did that until around 6:30 when we decided we better get our asses back to the truck. Now that was a fucking paddle. The current a lot stronger than what it looked. A nasty headwind. Cold. My arms were fucking sore when I got home. And it was well worth it.









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By fatman
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By yard4sale
This thread is worthless without taco pictures.

Damn, that looks fun.
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By 421sd

This was a fun trip. Might be time to get after them again in the next couple of weeks between other obligations, but we'll have to see. So much shit going on this time of year, whites, walleyes, crappies, turkeys, morels, and furthermore. Unfortunately we found no walleyes this outing.

I think the bass were just enjoying some foreplay. The ladies didn't look real ripe when I filleted them. Don't worry about seeing a few of these whiteys on stringers folks — this particular watershed produces these fuckers by the billions. So we eat them on occasion.


Hotspotter alert: The fish were biting 43 steps upstream from the dead coon ass — can't miss it.


This was the only piss we had. I stole it from Smalliefly.


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By chadroc
if this place is dead, this shit's still kicking somehow. great report. thanks.
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By mrl0004
Hey 421sd, what kind of kayak is that? The non-colorful one? Looks like a perfect one for me to use to get from shoal to shoal around here.

Nice report!
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By 421sd
mrl0004 wrote: Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:21 am Hey 421sd, what kind of kayak is that? The non-colorful one? Looks like a perfect one for me to use to get from shoal to shoal around here.

Nice report!
Thanks mrl —

That's Flysmallies rig — it's an Ascend FS12T. Decent fishing yak.

Mine (the colorful one) is NOT a good fishing platform. It's a reasonably quick sport boat that I use to get to wading spots but sucks for casting out of.
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By fallen513

:cool I concur with WB :cool

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