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By RaZ
nice work fellas. cant believe the weather was poor...
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By fallen513
Every inch of water blown, includingvthe big river. It was gnarls, save for one little creek...
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By Ginseng Sullivan
We did have a time. Thanks to the folks who made the trip. It's always nice to step out of one chaos and into another you're at least not responsible for for a few days. The weather sucked and for that I'm not only sorry but faking beat down by it myself. Tough conditions abound this season and while it's part of the game it seems a bit larger part recently.

Glad to see HPFF found some fish and really cool Oakman found his first. Fatman at least made the acquaintance of one. Everyone got rainedsnowedsleeted on.

AJ, long lost cousin, great to see you and I know how jacked up to fish you were, maybe next year! :coffee Some falls though huh?

Thanks to Chris and Mikey for the grubs. It was all killer.

Big thanks to Chris for hosting. I hope you didn't loose too much hair or gain to many blood pressure points. And hey, no fires.
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By flashback
Sorry I missed seeing some of the crew, on Thursday morn I twisted my knee royally in the creek, made it out but had a really tough time making it up from the gorge. Got home and spent the next four days dealing with the pain and swelling, realizing that I am not a good wader.
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By fatman
flashback wrote: Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:47 am Sorry I missed seeing some of the crew, on Thursday morn I twisted my knee royally in the creek, made it out but had a really tough time making it up from the gorge. Got home and spent the next four days dealing with the pain and swelling, realizing that I am not a good wader.

good to see you Thursday, john.

you'vd got a year to heal... :smile
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By fallen513

Skullion, for the continued infinite wisdom, both in life and the kitchen. The artwork adorns the man space, the wife loves the greatest jam ever known to man, the mother yeast legacy lives on top of the fridge, fed daily, I take more notes on smaller things now... your food, your time, your house, your wife’s grace...the list goes on. Thank you brother.

Ginseng, thank you for being so willing to share your knowledge, for which there is no shortage. I’ve listened and learned and applied and I’m a better angler/caster/speyguy/snaggerpinner because of you, even though we’ve spent but a small amount of time on the water together. This one was a good one, despite the fucked conditions. Thanks dude.’re a good person and inspiration. I listen when you talk. Thanks for trying to talk me out of that death-defying drive home. (I should have listened harder). You’re where I want to be in the future. Thank you.

Ironman, always a pleasure. I won’t wax poetic. The meat could have been sliced thinner and you forgot the pico. Thanks for the food and effort, it was appreciated by everyone.

Mike W., I can’t even remember your fuckin’ name on here. All I know is you’re the realest motherfucker I’ve ever met. If they made trucks that could drive across rivers in reverse, they would have your name on it. And I’d be driving it. August. Fire. Safety. Tits and whistles. Don’t let me down.
PS thanks for the tour.

Glista, thanks for the flies, the Spey lesson, the beers, teh friendship but mainly, for just being a big old dumb pollock. You’re reeling the wrong way, ya pud.

HPFF, thanks for the beers I stole out of your cooler on my death march into the winter abyss on Saturday. Nothing helps you clutch the steering wheel as you slide across ice like being hammer drunk. Those Kansas City beers are no joke. Extra special thanks for driving Oakman to the big river to see it in all its muddy, freezing fishless windblown Glory. We will have to reconvene next year so I can show you where I Fish and how deep to set the bobber for poaching Lakers. With any luck, newschoolnympher will be there, and we will use his lifeless corpse as an indicator.

Oakman, thanks for having faith and making a crazy long drive that turned into 30 hours of drunken debauchery and your first steelhead. Thanks for driving, dealing with fat Walmart bitches,water, beer...the list goes on. Hopefully I will see you in August as well.

And then there’s Average Joe. He and I are to chair the Council of Indigenous and Mostly Conquered Native Peoples. Another realist. I’d like to thank you Joe for blaming me for a bunch of shit you said. You never cease to amaze me in your ability to fly entirely across the country to not fish. The guac was as amazing as it’s ever been. I don’t know shit about Eskimos, I do know that. I hope you wear that coon dick bone with pride. I also hope to see you in August. We won’t catch shit, but you may get to see me swim through barbed wire, concrete and rebar again. We’ll use that coon dick to summon Bri’s breasts using black magic.

Good times fellas.
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