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By stratabass
I'll be working in the area through mid-October. If anybody is around, I'll be there.

For payment, all I offer is this link:

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By K_P
By Montana standards, I'm close--115 miles west of K'spell.

However, I'm pretty gimpy--3 1/2 weeks post-op on a broken finger on my left (dominant) hand.

Can't row, can't fish, can barely wipe me own arse...

That, and Charlie Pride for payment? Really?

PM me if you can't find a better date.

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By Spudnik
You still got my number?

I’m around. You can borrow my boat, my fishing poles, whatever. I’ll be bird hunting every weekend in other parts of the state, but hit me up.
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Outstanding! I will now be working later though.

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