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By Gremlin

I will be in Austin around that time. I am thinking of spending some time fly fishing the local area or Hill Country. Frankly, I am not sure how far the Hill Country is from Austin.

Is the fishing good at that time of year in the streams? Any suggestions?

I would prefer walk/wade however I realize that might not be a great option b/c of access.

I have a book on this topic, but it is in storage in another state. :vomit

This could be my first real fishing experience since May of 2015..... really need it.

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By stratabass
You'll be in the middle of the hill country.

It's a good time to fish and a great time to visit. You can fish the Guadalupe near gruene (green) for Guadalupe bass and grab a beer at the dancehall. The bass are not big, but fun and upstream closer to canyon dam there are trout that guys get excited about (they're generally bigger than the bass, which seem to run to about 14"). The blanco has smallmouth, and the llano and Colorado are all options with some bigger fish. You can also rent a kayak and float the San Marcos, which is a neat river and starts at the aquarena as a large spring (this place used to rent, but they'll refer you: ... s.php#2772

None of the above are great secrets, but are all good options. A lot will depend on what the rains have done-there's been a lot the last two weeks. As for access, if it's navigable, you've got up to the high water mark. Outside of the trout section of the Guad, you should easily find your own stretch. PM me if you want other specifics. Austin offers a lot, but it's now a giant hipster Mecca. McMurtry is usually at the Continental Club on Tuesdays, and that place still feels like the town I grew up knowing. Peaks and valleys.

Enjoy the area! I'm 3.5 hrs south, which is not the hill country.
By Jed
I was once in Austin with about 2 hours to spare. I rented a kayak I believe it was at at Zilker park in the center of the city and then fished down to the Colorodo river. Saw some nice bass there. It was your down and dirty solution to get a few hours fishing with minimal effort.

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By Gremlin
thanks for the help and IM's. Might have to go to Dallas now instead. But Austin will come up again, fortunately.
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