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By KP Patterson
Read your latest post, redchaser. Sorry to hear the news
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By fatman
this douchebag ain't even a real Texan, is he?

you can always tell a Texan, but you can't tell him much....
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By Redchaser
I’ve fished the Port Arthur area a lot, y’all ain’t got shit. The best fishing in port Arthur is across the state line. Let me guess, you’re running across the Sabine to guide in Sabine NWR. I’ll make sure to tell my friends that work for the US fish and wildlife service to look out for know since it’s illegal to guide in the refuge.
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By Bigguy
I don't Know Red, there used to be some good fishing around Port Arthur, but that’s been years ago and I damn sure ain’t gonna hotspot! What I hope is that between the two of us knowing something about that area, this douche-bag May finally crawl back into his hole...for good! Over the years when I’d run into folks from that area, letting them know I knew the area and their people tended to shut them down pretty damned quickly! Likewise, given the growing number of low-life outlaw types down there, you probably hit the nail on the head!
By KP Patterson
Whoa partnah's - it's a free country and looks like maybe lil' redchaser is a tad butthurt here.
Dem' biotches trying to steer you (the readers) away from Port Arthur...wonder why? Yo redchaser, you strummin' duelin banjos?
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By mitch aka 2 fish
hey, look. another comedy relief has found the drake.

yuk yuk yuk.
he said butthurt. that's a new one.

omg!!! and a duelling banjos reference!!!
I just don't get it!!! what is going on!!!
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