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By Jed
Need help, going to Scotland in June, near river Tay and elsewhere. Any suggestions on guides or any drakians in the area? I won't be there long enough to figure it out myself and hauling all that gear for a day or two seems like too much to do.
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By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Only thing I have fished nearby is the North Esk near Edzell. Burn Estate water is nice is you're after salmon/sea trout.

If you're only fishing a day, try for an odd day. It is 2 beats, alternating with the other bank by switching mid day. Top beat is prettier in a nice gorge, but it is mostly lure/worming water consisting of large, deep, barely moving tanks, save two runs at the lower end. Bottom beat has a lot of nice fly water. Odd days you get bottom beat second half of the day so youd be fishing longer in the better water.

Wasn't terribly expensive, I want to say $50-60ish/day. Welcome to britain, gotta pay his lordship lord lordington for the privilege to fish.
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By P-A
June is prime time Jed, if you want to fish
Serious water in Scotland at that time you need to book far in advance If you want Atlantics at least. If you settle for browns and grayling the Tay has beats for that for 1/5 of the price per day. Big grayling in that river to👌👌

He takes after his mother, that’s for sure.

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