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By Lando
I think we have been doing this long enough, you guys know the drill.

Buffalo Bill State Park
Trout Creek Group Site

The site is reserved from July 23-25......I am sure you could talk them in to letting you stick around another day or two.

You can fly into Cody, Billings, or maybe some Greenie will drive you here. Joe is making:

Chicken Pad Thai
That fried chicken shit that was so good
Mexican night

I am sure someone here can dig up some old reads.......water is at 100%ish, so we are looking really good. I look forward to the annual troll telling us that this is illegal, immoral, or un-American.


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By The Wandering Blues
If I could haul ass, hungover, from there to the Disco.. Mental wheels turning....
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By BigTimber
Safe-T first!
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
In all likelihood I am not going to make it yet again which is a shame because this is a really good time.

Not that anyone will miss me, of course.

I have a new puppy coming home at the beginning of July, and the week prior my brother and family are visiting.

I’ll be able to do at most one night. If anyone has an interest in doing a death march to a mountain lake one day, let me know. I am thinking of a lake or two in the bear-infested Cooke City area or around Red Lodge. I do not know any lakes in Wyoming but that is possible, too.

Even if no one is interested, I will quite probably do a solo day hike and some fishing then come down to the campground for the one evening.
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By Lando
The Copper Lakes have golden trout, and that is a pretty good march. Joe wants to spend a day up in that area, so maybe Hagen would like to hike with you.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Who is going to carry Hagen‘s beer?

I don’t know about Joe, but I imagine we would have to leave a drunken Hagen for dead an hour in to continue on without him.
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By fishskibum
well yeah
for the record I rowed hagen into more fish than beers on a float
hr godstuffs and I are planning on attendance possibly some utards in tow
oh and dibs on a raclette dinner night
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By BigTimber
Average Joe wrote: Tue Apr 28, 2020 12:53 pm You could hire a mule team to carry both Hagen and his beer.
....and ice. can't have too much ice.
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By Average Joe

Does anyone (other than the usual suspects) plan on attending this year?

Asking for a friend.
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