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It was warm and pleasant when I went to bed, but a few hours later the temperature dropped, so I put on some fleece and zipped up my sleeping bag.

Fsb and Sheldon were up well before I was. I rolled out of the tent at 5:30 or so.

Sarmulminnow’s property had no running water, and the outhouse was a work in progress, so fsb and I shared the bucket toilet and a roll of tp.

The sun had just begun to brighten the horizon when sarmulminnow rolled into camp.

The plan was to fish out of fsb’s boat and use sarmulminnow’s rig for the shuttle.

Once sarmulminnow had parked his truck at the take out, I opened the passenger door of fsb’s suv, and...
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… decided to ride in the back with Sheldon.
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Once logistics were settled, we launched and were on our way.
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Sarmulminnow gave us a quick tutorial on how to catch fish in this river.
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Afterwards he took the oars and spent the rest of the day doing an excellent job of shepherding us downstream.

He was kind enough to give me some flies he’d tied up, and they proved to be deadly.

Fsb threw streamers for most of the day, because that’s what he likes to do. Unfortunately the fish on this river weren’t interested in streamers. At least not on this day.

I stuck with sarmulminnow’s dry flies, and had one of the best days of top water fishing I’ve ever experienced. The variety of fish was incredible: rainbows, cutthroat, cutbows, browns, brook trout, and whitefish.

Eventually fsb put down the streamer rod and tossed out a dry fly.
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It was a glorious day, and the scenery was magnificent.
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In case you’re wondering, fsb took all of the fish pics. Maybe he’ll post them. Maybe he won’t. Doesn’t really matter. You all know what fish look like.

Afterwards we went back to camp and I cooked up some dinner: meatloaf with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, salad, and sourdough.
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After dinner I nursed a tin cup filled with brown water, and had no trouble falling asleep that night.

I woke at 3:00 AM to the sound of rain coming down both inside and outside my tent.

Note to self: always put the rain fly on, regardless of how nice the weather may seem.

Got up, put on a headlamp, threw on my raincoat, and started loading the truck.

Fsb and Sheldon were already doing the same.

Walked into the corner of the open rear window of the camper shell with enough force to draw blood. Came within an inch of losing an eye.

I took all of the wet stuff that I knew I’d have to dry out later (tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, clothes), wrapped it all in a big tarp and shoved it into the back of the truck. It barely fit, and there wasn’t any room left for the shit bucket, so fsb kindly agreed to stow that in his boat.

My plan was to head north, through Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and then down to Cody. I’d never seen that part of the country and figured it was worth a look. Fsb elected to go a different route, so at 4:30 I hit the road on my own. It wasn’t until I was halfway through Yellowstone that I remembered I’d left my rod and reel in the back of sarmulminnow’s truck.

I ran into a lot of road construction along the way, and the rain never let up until I was just outside of Cody. I wasn’t aware of the 45 mph speed limit through the parks, and that made for a very long slog. Fsb gave me his park pass before we departed, which saved me $70 in entrance fees. As for the scenery, it can’t really compete with Yosemite and the Sierra Range, though in fairness I never got out of the truck and I never left the main highway. I’m glad I saw it, but I doubt I’ll go back.

I pulled into the campground around 10:30, spread out all of my wet gear, and let the Cody sun and wind work their magic.
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Then I got to work setting up the kitchen.
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It felt great to be back.
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I couldn’t reach Lando or Hagen and figured they were out fishing somewhere, so I took a drive to town, gassed up the truck, stopped by one of the local fly shops, and bought some groceries.

When I got back to camp all of my gear was dry.

Made up a batch of tomatillo salsa along with a big bowl of pico de gallo.

Fsb and Sheldon showed up around 4:00.
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Camp was pretty well set, so we decided to walk down to the river and do some fishing. As I mentioned earlier, fsb is a streamer junkie, and he loves to toss a two-hander when conditions allow.
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I used to have a bamboo spray pole, but I broke it a few years back. Not long afterwards this showed up on my doorstep, compliments of fatman.
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I’m embarrassed to say that up until this luau I’d never fished it, but better late than never.

The river was in fine shape, and after watching fsb show me how it’s done, we spread out and started beating the water.
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I got one grab.

And I was happy to get it.

Around 5:00 I headed back to camp and got started on dinner. Lando and Hagen showed up late, as did fsb’s friend Harry.

Dinner was fried chicken tacos, tri-tip tacos, Spanish rice, refried beans, pico, tomatillo salsa, and a southwest salad.

One star at best.
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By fishskibum
oh i got fish pics
and "if you knew your history youd know where were coming from" tidbits
legends lore and luaus style
went to my practitioner of dental arts
they took an xray put some temporary shit that fell out 2 days later said i probably wouldnt die and go fish hard
sauls spread is sweet
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By fishskibum
“The danger of civilization, of course, is that you will piss away your life on nonsense.”
― Jim Harrison, The Beast God Forgot to Invent
pissin jus a lil bit of nonsense never hurts
the minnercat taking the rod guide style and the you need to land your cast on this seam to the largest fish rising in the pod hook up was classic
well minus the puts it in the net part
jose puts em in the nets all day long
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By McH
You pretty much had me at "Seventeen Days of Living Dangerously"
but the camp meatloaf sealed the deal.


I hadn’t planned on making breakfast, because I rarely eat anything before noon.

That didn’t stop some of the others in camp from waking up hungry.

Nobody felt comfortable getting something at a restaurant, so I crumbled up some leftover meatloaf, combined it with some leftover refried beans, added some eggs, cheese, and leftover salsa, heated it in a skillet, and put it on the table next to a pile of corn tortillas.

One star breakfast burritos.

Nobody complained.

Afterwards there was a brief safety meeting.
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We jumped in our rigs, dropped off the boats, ran shuttles, and were soon on our way.
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I was with Lando and Hagen, and fsb had Harry and his friend Scott, who’d come down earlier that morning.

It didn’t take Lando long to get us into fish.
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