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By The Po Thead
stillsteamin wrote: Mon Aug 09, 2021 10:48 am
Average Joe wrote: Sun Aug 08, 2021 4:46 pm As for the Euro Nympher: FTG
I was kinda curious but never asked, what was so interesting on that phone. You can lay on the couch and look at your phone at home, don't need to drive to Wyo for that.
You’ve never truly lived until you disassociated from the great people you’re hanging out with to scroll through the Parler App.
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By -G-
Once everyone was back at camp, I dredged spoonfuls of leftover mac and cheese in an egg wash, rolled them in panko, and dropped them into the deep fryer.
I’ll have you know, to a West Michigan Dutchie, this is the dirtiest of dirty talk to. Fried hot dish? Fuck. Ida dropped my phone in my green bean casserole if I hadn’t read that line in a safe place. “You gonna make a cream of mushroom dipping sauce for those fuckin things?” “I was thinking cream of celery” “oh yaaa, not to overwhelm the macs natural flavors”

With that said, really enjoyed the reportage all around. :cool
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By Average Joe
First time I'd ever tried that. Gotta admit, they were pretty fucking good. Ranch dressing or marinara makes a good dipping sauce as well.
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By Lando
Twice fried….that’s the key.
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By Randall Dee
My wife tells me I keep talking about fried Mac and cheese balls in my sleep. Those things were incredible.
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By fatman
good stuff Joe (and crew) :smile
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By woolly bugger
awesome, one day I'll get out of my rut and travel again...
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By sarmulminnow
Traveling to the Luau is a good idea! I did a fly by nite drop in a while ago. Lando was perhaps rhe most gracious host of me and my dog on record and uncle Dibs helped the girly dog a lot
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then Capt. Lando set up his boat as a doggy playpen for Ellie and the Loudog and we went for a ride through town I’ll not forget. And you never can tell who you will meet...Thanks thanks, I do hope to see another Luau
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By Average Joe
Time to wrap this up.

The next morning Lando and I loaded up our stuff. He finished way before I did, so we said our goodbyes and he headed home.

It was close to noon by the time I got everything back in the truck.

There's a pay shower at camp, so I dug through the ashtray for a handful of quarters and washed off several days worth of grime before hitting the road.
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Last year FishSkiBum and I spent a couple of nights at sarmulminnow’s cabin, where he treated us to an outstanding day of dry fly fishing on his local water. I left behind a rod and reel, and made plans to stop by and retrieve them on my way home. Upon my arrival he cooked up a fabulous meal and insisted I spend a couple of days at his cabin and fish. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.
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The next morning we met his friend Doug, who is recently retired and just purchased a beautiful new drift boat. Doug came out of his garage cradling an armful of beer, and while walking to the boat one slipped from his grasp and hit the pavement. He put the rest of the beer in the boat cooler and went back to retrieve the fallen soldier. There was a pinhole in the side of the can, so he popped the top and shotgunned it without spilling a drop. Hero could learn a thing or two from Doug.

A little over an hour later we launched the boat.
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“What are we going to do for a shuttle?” I asked.

“Don’t worry. We’re not going that far.”

Sarmulminnow took the oars.

We drifted maybe a hundred yards from the put in, and then he dropped the anchor.

Neither of them picked up a rod, so I asked, “What happens now?”

“We look for heads. Hatch should come off within the next hour or so. Two weeks ago there was a nice pod of fish holding here. Once they start rising on a consistent basis, we pick out a fish and cast to it.”

“What do we do in the meantime?”

Doug smiled, reached into the cooler, and handed me a beer.
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The fish never revealed themselves, so after a couple of hours sarmulminnow pulled up the anchor and we drifted down to another spot.

The fishing was slow, but it was a great day with great company.
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Sarmulminnow was the only one of us who got one to eat.
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That evening I mixed up some margaritas and we killed the last of the tequila. Then I set up a couple of stoves in sarmulminnow’s yard and fried up the last of the mac and cheese, followed by a big mess of Pad Thai on the griddle. We ate much earlier than I’d expected thanks to sarmulminnow’s incredible knife skills. He had everything for the Pad Thai chopped up in no time.

The next morning we met up with Doug and fished some new-to-me water.
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The big fish of the day.
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A couple hours into our float, Doug dropped a thermometer into the river.

“Seventy-one degrees.”

I reeled in and cracked another beer.

It was another beautiful day in beautiful country with great people.
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I offered to cook again that night, but sarmulminnow and his wife were both tired and had to work the next day, so I thanked them for their generous hospitality and we said our goodbyes.

I went back to the cabin and packed up the truck, and then the next morning I headed back to Idaho. The drive took a little longer than I’d expected.
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Spent the night at J’s place and then headed home the next morning.

Worst part of the trip was getting used to this…
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… and coming home to this.
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Many thanks to Lando for hosting another outstanding luau. My only regret is that I didn’t fish with Steamin’ and Dolan. Maybe next year.
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By Average Joe
A few more random pics.

Everywhere I went, businesses were looking for people to work.
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Never pleased.
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