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By jhnnythndr
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By jhnnythndr
Is give it lime 30 seconds or a minute over the tea kettle first i gues.
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By jhnnythndr
Thanks man. I was pretty crushed to hear about croaker. I was really fortunate to get to fish with him a couple times - 1 with steelrain202 if any one remembers him-

Anyway, I’ve got to decide if I’m breaking the glass in case of emergency on the chav or not. Little big for the season but a taker is a taker so… I don’t know. Maybe wait? Maybe not?
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By jhnnythndr
Probably just tigh this one on with 20lb so it won’t get lost and call it good for the weeeek. It’ll cast so easily
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By Average Joe
jhnnythndr wrote: Sat Sep 11, 2021 8:04 pm Probably just tigh this one on with 20lb so it won’t get lost and call it good for the weeeek. It’ll cast so easily
Good call.

I was very disappointed when Cohiba changed the design on those tins. The cigars smoke the same, but still. It'd be like if Coors changed the color of Banquet cans from yellow to red. Just not right.
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By fatman
Mitch sold all his tieflying gear and Aggers is on the lam. Could be a collector's item.

So hell yeah, fish it fukko :smile
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By austrotard
it'd never survive the cast, mate.

fuck me. this is lime mtice chrimbo.

hmmm. I wonder if'n he got fat.

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By Lando
With a Spey, it’s just casting anyway.
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By The Po Thead
If you’re heading to the Bay with Smolt, just steal a bunch of his flies. He’ll be alright with it.

I did it for years.
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