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By Lurgee
A week of temps in the high 80's and no rain led us to believe that today would be a day to remember. Unfortunatly some big winds came through the night before and killed the visibility, we weren't seeing fish till we were right on top of them. Regardless a great time was had and carps came to the boat.

Trying to get all artistic like Vol (might help if we could get the boat up on a plane...)

For you BearsFan


Silver bone and a nail


ImageRight color on this one, got him out of open water which was pretty cool.

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By Woolybug25
You never call... you never write... jk :cool

Tin Cup is pretty much the sweetest boat around. The "I'd rather be driving to work" sticker cracks me up every time.
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By BigTimber
Shitty cell phone pics from last night at the pond out back. What do you think? A 10 pounder? Biggest one I've pulled out yet.
img095.jpg (67.96 KiB) Viewed 560 times
img096.jpg (42.91 KiB) Viewed 560 times
img098.jpg (111.49 KiB) Viewed 560 times
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By Long Haired Dave
Could be ten... looks a little closer to 6 but it's so damn hard to tell from a picture.... so you might as well call it 12!!!! Kick ass!
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By Oldog
are those scales typical where Hammer is phishing?
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By chuckphlegm
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By Salmotrutta
Mr. fancy pantsy got a new Rod! Wouldn't yer pup lick that beast, or did he take the pic.?
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By Lando
Jesus Christ man........will you just shut the fuck up? Your constant snide remarks are becoming very old. I am not going to call you names, bring up drug addiction, or discuss government handouts...........but I will ask you to take a good hard look at yourself and the example you are setting for your boys.

To me, it seems as if you are insanely jealous of other's accomplishments. Just an observation, but I will ask you again, please stop. It is getting very tiresome.
By Black Dog
What a handsome devil:
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By BearsFan
Hells yeah!
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