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By RaZ
[report]lucky enough to spend the annual family reunion in an area w musky lakes. and lucky to have a strife that's very ok w me getting the boat out. afternoon drinking followed by evening feasting avoided hangovers and allowed for predawn launches. boated fish on both runs to one small lake. saw one pike out on a pike/musky lake. found top water bass on another.



By steelhound
Yeah buddy. Jay's still talking about netting your fish!!
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By marlo

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By Redchaser
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By TX.
Things have been a bit quite here as of late.
Been seeing fish every trip out, what few I've had.

[report]Fucking hammered it.
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By TX.
[report]Oh yeah, got this one two weeks ago:
IMG_1712.JPG (205.72 KiB) Viewed 1123 times
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By Ginseng Sullivan
Good to see you're at least getting out TX.

Definitely been a tough year with water too warm to fish most of the summer. Things are finally getting going again now and activity has been great though catching is still off. Well it's never really on, on this river but offer than usual. Still some highlights.

Since this seems to be the board for ghey ass hero shots here's a couple


PB from June

Had great action yesterday but just couldn't close the deal. Great to see them jacked up once again though.

If you're season's in a slump I'd highly recommend getting one of them Swing the Fly Hoodies. Things magic gold.
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By TX.
Nice work Nick!
Not much "me" time of late. 1 kid in soccer, 1 in volleyball, 1 in mountain bike club, soon to start wrastlin' season, too.

It was kickin' today just couldn't close the deal.
9 follows, 3 eats, 0 landed.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
TX. wrote:Nice work Nick!
Not much "me" time of late. 1 kid in soccer, 1 in volleyball, 1 in mountain bike club, soon to start wrastlin' season, too.

It was kickin' today just couldn't close the deal.
9 follows, 3 eats, 0 landed.
Never know weather to consider that successful or not! I guess some days if feels like an accomplishment and some days it feels like defeat.

Musky are dicks.

Good luck out there TX.
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By TX.
Dicks indeed.
We're starting to see a little weather from the hurricane.
Low pressure, drizzle all day yesterday.
Didn't get my first follow until 3:40, then another fish ate at 4:00. missed it, brought it back up....then it all shut down again.
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By RaZ
We saw one yesterday. I strip set the shit out of this little invasive bastard. Was dead before he was in the boat.
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