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By -G-
Things learned on most recent fishing trip:
1.) My wife was right when she said Nuya cannae listen to anyone but myself.
2.) Dont leave said selective listening dog that chases after me with friends as I drive to spot cars in the dark in national forest
3.) 18 hours later with a found dog, no sleep, no food, and stress I’ve never experienced I admit to being overly attached to said selective listening dog.
4.) Fuckin Twev still has a hot hand
5.) Mayflies cannae spin when it’s 21 degrees four nights in a row. But getting into the bench whiskey still helps fish rise.
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austrotard wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:19 am as we say, where folk are still slightly normal... yeah... ha ha, yeah nah.

he's a fucking retard.
edit: two days ago.

"it's been like forevea... why do you keep calling him rochester?"

-scarlett. who is no longer 7yrs. (13)

feel old? good.
-scarlett. who is no longer 7yrs. (13)


Elizabeth must be driving by now. Ulcers yet? :wink
fatman wrote: Tue Jun 08, 2021 7:32 pm -scarlett. who is no longer 7yrs. (13)
Elizabeth must be driving by now. Ulcers yet? :wink

Definitely hemorrhoids

Took my co-worker; fuckdave out on a recent trip. I call him fuckdave because he lives near the river just north of town and likes to send me pictures of all the after work mayfly hatches he stumbles into. I think to myself as any ordinary person would under said circumstances: “fuck Dave”.

Fuckdave started fly fishin 1.5 years ago. He would ask questions here and there but has essentially taught himself everything. He somehow hop scotched past the snag steelhead and salmon phase every new FF goes through in MI and for whatever reason went right to swinging soft hackles and fishin dries from April to October. I also like fuckdave because he’s the only one at work that I can say the inappropriates too and still laugh. I figured it was finally time to take him out on the shoe for more than just a day trip.

Fuckdave caught one trout in 3 days, which was double the size of his previously largest trout.

Fuck Dave
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