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By Woolybug25
Skipping snag-o-thon stage, wearing house shoes in a wooden drifter... who is this unicorn?

Did me and fuckdave just become best friends?

Where am I?
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By McH
yeah, fuck dave

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By -G-
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After steamin caught that trout on a streamer, he squinted his eyes at the on-coming brick wall front of sideways rain and thunder ..

..and tied on a hopper.

I was less than optimistic.

Then after watching this fish swim out of its boosh to eat his hopper with zero hesitation (on his 3rd cast?) he said some real John Wayne shit like; “if ida known these northá town street tuffs we’re lookin’ up, ida done up my top button”
5E5FF1DA-182B-4F46-ABE6-C9B23B137C59.jpeg (84.03 KiB) Viewed 145 times
And told me how I should consider tying on a hopper more, especially when a brick wall front of sideways rain and thunder approaches.
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