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By fishpimp
I have a 9' 5wt 5pc Sage SLT that I don't use. Looking for an 8' to 8 1/2' 4pc 4wt of equal value. I have been offered $350 credit for the rod towards a new one but would rather just trade...not looking to sell. Will consider my rod plus cash for yer Winston (no WT model), ZXL, LL, etc.
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By Bad Fish
Dude, that 5 SLT is an awesome rod but I already have one. I do have a 4 SLT that I don't fish and have been looking for a 6 SLT. By chance do you have a 6 SLT you want to trade for my 4 SLT? I'll need to check if my 4 SLT is a 2 or 4 piece.
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By fishpimp
Sorry, don't have a spare 6...I just got the Zaxis 6 without the fighting butt and that thing is a friggin' cannon. Probably not a smart trade but I traded an 8wt TCR that I got on closeout (poker's been good to me) for 399 plus cash (under a hundo) for the factory new Z. Found an eBay store that is willing to trade used for new (plus dough, sometimes).
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