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By Trout Nasty
Got a black Left hand 5 plus and spare spool like brand new, $500 obo, reasonable trades
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By Springfed
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By Hogleg
Trade for a set of 225/75/R15 tires with 75K on 'em? Will also include 5 (+/-) quarts of gently used motor oil. Sounds reasonable to me.
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By jhnnythndr
I went to this Halloween party where there was a guy dressed as the devil and he had stilts with goat hooves as feet. There was also a girl dressed as a bottle of rooster sauce and all the ninja turtles and splinter. It was pretty bad ass. Open bar free food. And a Porno jackolantern contest featuring some amazing carvings.
By speybait
I'm actually in the market for a silver right hand retrieve. 'Tis serendipity that you posted, brother.

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