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By foureyedgeek
Anyone want to make me a mix tape?

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By jhnnythndr
Go look through the cla7 thread. There's a link in there that'll let you download all the songs here as mp3s.

Unfortunately many of us, CE are dabblers, who were anxiously awaiting your arrival- and still wish upsetter would show.

That said o never post in here cyz I am always either wasting time at school or work on my I phone. And so it never let's me see what videos are up already. I don't believe these guys are up yet.

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By BaggerMcGuirk

There my contribution I lime this uni
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By CarelessEthiopian
Forgive me if I have nothing better to do than post in this thread.

Here is a good Peter Tosh song. Probably my most favorite lyrics of any song by him. For some reason this song reminds me of LSD, not sure why. It's off of a peculiar little album called No Nuclear War. A few gems on that one.

"I'm an upfull man and I love upfull people.

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By CarelessEthiopian
An odd song, but a good one.

A fucking great song. A bit paradoxical. Bradley used to sing this one too.

This falls loosely under the genre of reggae. But not as loose as The Joint. Sorry for the shitty quality, best I could find. But you get the idea. Some other shit tacked on to the end of this one.

I hope someone is listening to all this shit.

Some Barrington for you, with a couple of obvious ones for those who are unfamiliar with him. Whoa-oh-oh-oh.

Couldn't find a vid for "Rastafari God", check that one out.

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By Upsetter
Since ive been invited, here's a couple rootsy offerings....

And some righteous rocksteady...

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By Elias Wonder

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By Elias Wonder
I mustn't forget this one.. :wink

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