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By El Guapo
Only used during this spring bwo hatch. New condition. Blank warranty form. Make an offer or will trade for a 906/4 s4 in equal condition. The g2 is fitted with a Galvan s3 and sci anglers trout.
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By BaggerMcGuirk
I'll offer you $

Never mind, still no proper intro....

By El Guapo
I've got nothing. I was going to show a photo of your wife tits, but everyone here has already seen those sag bags. But I do have a few other things to share thanks to that dirty hitch. Slap her for me, will ya?
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By Dude
I thought wives were supposed to be off limits nowadays? Fuck, I can't keep track. You aren't gonna sell shit here moron. Post up an intro and hang out a bit and you might, otherwise if you are just gonna try to sell shit then fuck off to the local board.

If you know what this board is like (and this fool does) and you still try to sell shit and get all offended when you get told off, you gotta be real stupid to come in here like that.

Please take your syphilis else where. Thanks.

PS. Why in the hell would you indicate that someone is a dirty, disease infested whore and then proudly tell people that not only did you fuck her, that you now have some disease of your own to share. Really?

Honestly, I think the angry newb types are slipping.
By El Guapo
I'm not offended, and yes I do know.the "rules" of the forum. I also know that many of you are gear heads and are always looking for good gear. If you want a Henry Miller, absinth laden tirade with pics of chicks and smoker recipes, I ain't got the time. This site isn't my life. But I do have a g2 for sale if you are interested. I will look forward to the profound and eloquent blooms of obscenities that are sure to follow.
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By jhnnythndr
At this time, I would lime to interject, and offer my most sincere thanks to those whose efforts (Jed, Rfa,) have restored this space to it's rightful glory. I would also add that any further rants by Jed regarding a lack of content will fall on def ears. It is said, you make your bed, you lie in it. It is also said, and with equal fervor, you bought the ticket- you take the ride.

Indeed, I myself am, lime all those who have faith in our president, still awaiting that great change which was promised. Tragically all I have yet to see is a drastic drop in numbers of viewers of this, and the general, forums and no real improvement in the overall quality of the content on Teh suk. Were we concerned solely with money, we would find the reduced number of
Clicks even more disconcerting than the continued, or renewed, or what have you- lack of content.

A brilliant coup nonetheless, fellows.
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By blumpkin
In this situation, as with so many of lifes trails and tribulations
I find myself perplexed, and the same question richochets through my little pea brain...


What would porno Mike do???
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apparently he'd have sex with it.....reminds me of Ron Jeremy :coffee
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By shunned
I've no one to smoke fine cigars with.
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By jhnnythndr
I certainly heard all about those fine cigars, at length. Though never saw them actually produced...
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