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Hoping to get the scanner and old pics loaded up soon...been busier than a bat in a hail storm
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By Yard Sale
And the vitamin R! Still tough to beat those old style camp chairs....
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By locogringo
Pancho looks like he was a rowdy bastard back in the day. Hell he's still a rowdy bastard. He just disguises it a little now.

Can't tell if that is a coffee can on the table or tomato juice for bloody mary mix.
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By Pancho Rancho
While the picture Loco noted is that of my homey, I must admit that I have always been a slave to eye wear fashion (as well as hunting undergarmets and head wear) as evidenced in other pictures.

Side note: some of the best TV spots in history were done by raineer back in those days.....RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYNEEEEEEEEEEEER beer.
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By CarelessEthiopian
I lime me some Rainier when I can find it.

Many nights have been spent around a campfire where the best entertainment was solving the wuzzles under the bottle caps.

Now I'm thirsty.
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By jhnnythndr
Still looking for a few others from when I was playing in a metal band, like in my passprt, that's a really good picture.

crazy ex

this is the zigzag man. what?!
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By fatman
found this old one of my FIL; from his Canadia trip
tom.jpg (148.54 KiB) Viewed 538 times
with the cousins and brother
cousins (2).jpg
cousins (2).jpg (143.37 KiB) Viewed 534 times
granddad, dad, uncle
gd.jpg (78.94 KiB) Viewed 534 times
cue banjo music:
hillbilly.jpg (99.11 KiB) Viewed 534 times
By Surly
fatman wrote:found this old one of my FIL; from his Canadia trip

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By fatman
Surly wrote:
fatman wrote:found this old one of my FIL; from his Canadia trip
yeah; rumspringa came late.... :smile
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