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By jhnnythndr
All this shit is TOTALLY off the hook, but the personal highlights for me are Micrphone fiend, the message, childrens story and Im yo pusher

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By foureyedgeek
Not as hard as the stuff you put up, but I always dug this one.

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By Lando

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By Yard Sale
NWA is always going to be my fav, but these guys are close:

And for fun:

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By jhnnythndr
HA, west coast gangsta???? what up- this is the hard shit: MR DOCTOR

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By jhnnythndr
reppin 404

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By jhnnythndr
ok, I'll let someone else get into the texas shit, swisha house, screw etc, BUT... I gotta throw up scarface...

more OLD SCHOOL shit to come...
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