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By D-nymph
It's my youth in this thread all of a sudden.

Rakim is the baddest of the bad.

Another enemy, not even a friend of me. lolz

Saw Ice T at some boxing club in Yinzburg-1988

He was throwing all these fake bills in the air, we were like WTF?

Super Hoe

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By Vito
Wu Tang, Gravediggaz, Scarface...dammnnnn! That shit takes me back.

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By blumpkin
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By D-nymph
These guys are so under-rated. Groundbreakers.

I sprayed "Don't Believe The Hype" big block letter graffitti, in my college freshman dorm room, 1989. haha. The school was all mad.

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By D-nymph
Fuckin Dre - The Chronic

Classic record

Deez nuts!

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By peetso

Remember when 5 mics in "The Source" actually meant something?
By blue ridge angler
Word to all this shiznit..

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By D-nymph

Stop, check it out my man, this is the music of a hip hop band

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By fallen513
Damn, I have so much more respect for you guys now.

Rest in peace to Guru, word's bond son!

Got you stuck off the realness...

Why'd you have to raise me this way...


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By peetso
west coast love

. . .and the dirty south

By Surly

And not-so-old-skool

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