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By gankadank
We were supposed to be ten solo boats for two nights of gravel bar life. The forecast chased four participents. Some took paid days off work. We could bump the dates. Or not. We were going to lose guys either way. Our karsty limestone has been so parched and puckered there wasn't a risk of being flooded while on the river. It was just a question of how much do you mind being rained on

It is more work. More nylon is unfurled. We loaded heavier. Have your own opinions about bringing wood in, but I was glad to tote a bag of split oak. My only regret is putting the biggest bottle of bourbon I could into a plastic bladder. It gave the flavor an unfavorable disposition that became nappy by the third day. The same thing happened to the quart of corn likker. Lesson learned

It was a good time. I got to hang out with 421sd and drink fine spirits and stay up past stumble-thirty with a good crew. All the gear is dry and stowed. As of now, no one on the trip wound up with the 'rona ... 823539d5d4

Let's do this again soon

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By stillsteamin
Always nice to see more gravel bar life here.
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By yard4sale
In honor of the midwest crew that seem to be the lifeblood of this place.

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By Lando
I’m more of a Biggie fan, but I do miss me some Tupac.
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By fallen513
Thats A OK yard bird.
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All caps when you spell the man name.

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