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By blue ridge angler
Fuck yes Ghetto Boys..

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By shunned
don't even try to deny this wasn't led on by mlk day or I'll kick you straight up your bollocks come alaska.

closet baller/callers. :coffee

disclaimer: it's all fun and games but push come to shove... it's not on, mates.
tupac would spit straight in your fucking face.
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By fallen513
Shall we cue up the Skrewdriver?
By blue ridge angler
Mas ottro lado, por favor..

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By crabtops

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By crabtops
I could do this all night...

Some decent stuff a little bit newer

was never a big fan but this one is hot

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By peetso
Got the SBS from CE on how to make it happen.

"Yo!! Assified Raps Vol 1" coming soon.

So PM me your address and wether or not you'd like to send me a flash drive or want in on CD's. Flash drives would make it easier and cheaper but either way, let me know.

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By shunned
fallen513 wrote:Shall we cue up the Skrewdriver?
that's a big call.

shame you're not about to say that to me.
you would finish the day @ fallen 514.

have your fun, lads.
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:cool I concur with WB :cool

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