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By foureyedgeek
Hey its the holidays season, I can tell by the awful music ringing in my ears. To celebrate I propose a Pay It Forward. Something to give back to the board and unload something gathering dust in your gear pile.

PIF Rules. Don't be a douchebag. You claim an item then give shit away.

First item: William Joseph Access Chest Pack. Like new, barely used. Blue. Looks like this.

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By tailchaser
Too many rules!!!!

Was I allowed to say that?
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By foureyedgeek
Haha, I stole the idea from another forum...
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By Spicytuna
I will jump in on this one. Is there some secret code word to claim the PIF???? Since I am first can it be Fecophilia?

I will have an item for the next person up and ready tomorrow to forward on I like the idea kinda like a gift exchange online with shit we already have only available here on Teh Suk
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By Tailer
I like this idea Foureyed. I'm keeping a close eye out, cause I have a few things others might find useful. Somebody post up a #10 Pro1!
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By Spicytuna
Alright here we go...we have a 2 year old Burton Metalhead Backpack. I know its not fishing themed but I know there are some skateboarders on here that might put it to use. Its a killer pack worn once while Snowboarding had a package of donuts bust open during a wipe out, I cleaned most of it out.


First Fecophiliac grabs it or I will come up with something fishing wise.
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By BigTimber
this has potential. I've got a couple items that should be used by someone that can use them.
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By shunned
so have I got this straight?

someone is going to post something and if I want it I can just say yes and then offer something (perhaps a bit cooler)?
well it is/was mine

this sounds awesome.

question: will my new bff cover postage or is the cheap fucking bastard going to make me cover it?
I'm not sure I really want this to turn in to the Fecalphilliac topic...

Best new buzzword gets free stickers from me. Not saying where the stickers are from.

Shunned, you have it right. Poster pays shipping for their item.
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By shunned
well that sucks for me then.
sorry, homos... no tellys, motors or wombats this year.

password: golf swing

all right. it's two words.

c'mon then... I want to see some cool stuff.

just be sure to post the really expensive gear at obscene times.
pissed at 3am and flogging your keepsakes is the way forward.

happy xmas to me.

why do we need the password again?
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