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By DanOver
OK - just in case this thread has become arcane, I have a NIB Buck Alaskan Guide knife here for someone who can use it. With Christmas approaching, throw up another item you’re not using and claim this beauty. See page 146.
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By Da Ax
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Fri Dec 13, 2019 9:52 pm that's not a knife...
We've been through this discussion previously, yes?
To the lowest bidder...
Gheys with capes, thumb rings, or self-proclaimed famous Drake writers need not apply.

Mini Bic not included

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cc the Hinge
Postage mine...just cause
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By Redchaser
CC, as I'm plotting adventures wading creeks for bassfish with spots, that thing would be handy if it hasn't yet been claimed. I've got some unused kids sized waders I'll post up momentarily.
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By Redchaser
Youth waders,

Caddis Breathables, Youth Large, new, these were tried on once for size, but never really worn, have never been in the water or briar. They are stocking foot with built in gravel guards and come with a belt. See sizing chart below
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I'll cover shipping in the ConUS. or Canukistan
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By Redchaser
Well in 3 months nobody spoke up for the waders. Lurker Mike just called me looking for a pair for his kid so they are going his way.
Who wants an Echo 10wt? Kinda old, but only used a handful of times. Also kinda heavy, but perfectly serviceable flypole.
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By 421sd
Trucha Del Mar wrote: Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:28 pm Who wants an Echo 10wt? Kinda old, but only used a handful of times. Also kinda heavy, but perfectly serviceable flypole.
I could use that for a backup if no one else claims it.

I'll find something around here needing another place to go.
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