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This whole project has me hot and bothered! Are you tracking any of those fish? Just wondering if you're going to try and gauge the mortality rate. I imagine it would be low since there's good depth and no predators sans themselves. I really look forward to seeing how this project progresses. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, BM!
I thought about that but I imagine we will survey from time to time with a mask and fins.

in a few years I think we will have some bigguns.

when they grow up I may let some of you pro's come show me how to catch them.
blumpkin wrote:
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:Hopefully my kids and grand kids and blummers will be able to enjoy it.

Did my 9wt show up yet... Did it... Did it show up.... Has it shown up yet???
I thought you were one of his kids. Adopted, but still....
BM, in no way to step on your inspiring thread. I have a friend that has some land on an ok trout stream. He's gotta be near 75 now, a retired judge. Calling him a "friend" is odd, but there it is. Over the years he's created a duck marsh, dug out a bass pond, and planted acres of game forage. A few years ago his pond froze to the bottom and he had to do some major work to get it back. I've duck hunted and fished with him on it a few times and have taken my boys to it just to dink around. (Even had an ex-girlfrind fish topless with me - funny story on that as a another friend just happened to come out there that same day - I recognized him as he lost an arm in a farming accident - anyway, we were a ways away and just waived - I know who he was because of his arm - anyway, a few years after, I bumped into him and he said, hey, was that you with that sweet little topless gal in your canoe? We laughed - I guess tits are as recognizable as being one armed - perspective, I guess). Anyway, in this day and age where everyone is all about tennis in Hawaii, $60,000 skiffs, and over the top fishing and hunting conquests, it's really special to know there's still some out there who don't see it all as some fucking challenge, test, or worse, competition. But rather just folding themselves into the land or surroundings they love. I'll never have the opportunity to do what you are doing, but knowing your type is out there, and knowing I can consider them friends is enough for me. Thanks for the post. Warms my soul. Here's a link to a thread I did about my friend's land. No topless ex, however. ... and+county
John , absolutely no offense taken and thank you for the complinent .

I can't help but look for ways to help the wildlife on my land.
I spent my childhood roaming a neighbors farm and dreaming about what I would do if it was mine.

Then somehow I grew up snd fell into a place where I got a chance to get a little land of my own. I started out with very small projects and one thing led to another. To be honest about it time in Aintry is one of the few things that refreshes me . We live in a high-speed high stress world. Slowing down and enjoying nature is of the upmost importance ...........I dare say that is why this forum exists and thrives. It is both an outlet and a well for us who need to recharge that way.

Anyhow thanks. I love the thread about your friends place !!!
Man what I would do for a trout stream !!!!

great. now when i get home i must hover over the Hoppes #9
Just found this thread... and I'm looking forward to watching how this turns out!
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