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dog shit weather , snow to shovel , ice to chip. gray sky. fuck that.
(why aint the youtube thing working? see Alice in chains' Nutshell)
did some bank walking. shadows moved. tied the right fly for the job.
I had CE"s reel strapped to the grass.
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it made horrific sounds. at one point I found myself staring at it, waiting for it to implode.
I had the builder put a 20 mark on the grass. I think he thought I was kidding. this one was close . on a small creek. close to my heart.
beat the fuck out of chipping ice.
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By fatman
that's the way to pop that cherry. nice dark cane.

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Damn! :cool
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CarelessEthiopian wrote:Beautiful.
it made horrific sounds
Didn't I warn you about that? If you want to trade back, I fully understand.
it adds charm and a sense of awe.
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By Greenback
nicely done. love that pink gill plate. looks like that rainhead has seen some action. it's been too long since i've fished.

the tug is the drug!

tight lines and screaming' reels!

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not a rainhead. it was all uphill from here.
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I have added new life to the reel. I am the new Lamson fixer guy.
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The younger generation TR

well played

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