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By MTgrayling
I guess it's right now.

Sent an old 2pc 6wt mojo magic stick in for a mend, got a fancy ass mojo free 4pc 6wt back over two months later. Whatever.

The original helios carbon fibre 4pc rod tube would make the ulti-bong, that plan was hatched over cheap whiskey many years ago. The new helios2 tube is just aluminium tubing with a pseudo fish sticker.
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By MTgrayling
Alright. I admit it. I was trying to act unimpressed by a huge multinational corporation and I should have fished the stick before commenting. Apologies.


It has big mojo and the nicest cork I've touched or seen. The stick is lighter than my 9' 5wt and feels like an 8'-er when tossing line.

Equipped with an unbranded $28 reel and a 6+ year old closeout/demo $12 line, I can do things with that rod that I'm not capable of.

I'll just have to get a bong somewhere else then.
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By MTgrayling
If those aren't tarpon or muskellunge, then I've wasted my life.

They are bonefish, right?

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By MTgrayling
I had my fun with this stick. The SOBF magic wand is no more, broken last on a 2.5lb suckerfish and sent back repaired to another mystery address.

Being mobile has disavatanges... changing views are cool though.
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By MTgrayling
and FUCK whomever is getting all these free rods from me...

The count is -3, two whorvis (same model) and a sage... two sets of pattagucci boots. Let's not forget the twat who found my steelhead fly box and tips.

Your fucking welcome assholes.
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By MTgrayling
The timing is off. I'll keep an eye on him now though...

Fuck; make that -4 rods. Three whorvis and the sage, can't forget Rap's Helios.

Damn you rod thieves!!
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By MTgrayling
Had a mob of elks and a few eagles over for coffee this morning...

Tradeoffs. Priorities. :cool
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By Lando
Tie up an elk for me..........I still need to shoot one, but I only have a few days left.

whatcha tying?

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