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By MaineDrifter
I am posting this here only in hopes of the right person seeing it, it is really just an extension of the pay it forward thread.

14.5 foot aluminum highside drifter. Based off a Glen L design and lightly used.
Includes galvanized trailer and free winter storage if that helps. Please be able to pick up in Maine.


Please email (my screen name) and the number (207) then gmail.

I'm hopeful to find someone who will use this boat and love it.

I've wanted a drift boat since I first saw one floating in the west in 2000. I figured it was time for a new project so I ordered some plans and bought a TIG welder.


The cutting aluminum sheets and mock up went well, help from friends and a few long nights and it was starting to look like something.


I didn't know how to TIG but gave it a go and soon gave up due to lack of skill. The hull sat upside down tacked together.


Spring arrived early and we had a horse show at our farm. I watched as a cherry, late 80's Chevy pickup with a massive welding machine on the back rolled it. If you are a motorhead like me you notice people who take the time to do a frame off restoration on an older flatbed work truck. This one was perfect and was obviously loved. I walked right up to John who had come to watch his wife ride.We talked welding and shot the shit, I told him about my troubles and he offered come look at my project.

We cracked some Rolling Rocks and he told me not to give up, offered some pointers and eventually missed his wife's ride time.
John's family were lobstermen and he had built a few boats in his day. He said, "bring it over to the shop and I'll weld the hull for you, you can do the rest on your own."

I didn't have the money to pay a welder but knew he was right. I also knew he liked Rolling Rock and I work for a company that has a lot of it.

So I loaded her up and brought it over. John was the kind of guy that I always am interested to meet. Full metal shop, two large cannons inside that he had built for his buddies who were civil war buffs.The kind of guy who could make anything or fix anything. He made room in the shop for my hull by parking his hot rod truck project outside wrapped in a tarp. A class act.


On the Saturday's I would stop by with a case of Rolling Rock and a hundred bucks, we would chat, he taught me how to TIG weld and would shared stories of yesteryear. I brought my buddies to help whenever we could as he welded the 50' or so of seam that really needed to be waterproof.

One thing I remember about his shop, like most dudes spaces, there were photos of sexy women on the walls. Polaroids and framed shots of chicks in high heels and bright 80's lipstick. After three or four weekends of helping out I finally looked close enough to see that they were not California bimbos but every shot was of his wife.

I brought the hull home with some new skills and finished the inside, she came out alright, water tight and fairly light weight.

We fished it, my buddies and I.


I even took some friends out who don't fish.


The following spring I bought a skiff and haven't used it much since.
It's a fine boat, not set up for a guide to live in for the season but good for a float with buddies.
Jeff was an exceptional guy and I think would have enjoyed the playground you boys have going here. He passed away a year after the boat was finished.


I would like someone to have it and use it. Enjoy it and run it.

If you can afford a boat or have one, please pass the email address on to someone else. The right owner will need some oars and an anchor. We can work out a pick up time. I'll include help with potential repairs but reserve the right to invite myself to fish out of it once it finds it's new home.

Thank you,
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By Lenny
Ummm, is this serious?

Does it float?

Is it stolen? Cursed?
By chadroc
i'm betting its real, and i'm also betting that this is why the people doing that shit on the general discussion page will never understand the grace that is this place.

great story, good shit here.
By chadroc
correction/addendum: unless its cursed, if it is cursed then it is a terrible thing to do to give away a cursed boat.
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By fatman
fuckin' Drake

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By blumpkin
Fuckin A dude.

You are one righteous MoFo.
That boat is sweet.
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By CarelessEthiopian
Fuckin hell.

I would be all over that if I lived a few thousand kilometers closer and if you took the monster sticker off.
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
Small wonder you didn't have time to tie Rangeleys...

Nice way to set the bar high here man...makes twats look like fucking twats

Best of the season to you brother!

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By Bruiser
Right arm Drifter. Find the right taker. :cool
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By jhnnythndr
The motherfuxking assifieds. Like erryday.

So glad to be back. Thanks for doing this for us- and for the next guy to row that sweetheart.
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By Hogleg

That's right up there with "you can come over and fuck my wife anytime you want".
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