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By D-nymph
Been to that booze store a bunch of times, Cheers to you & MaineDrifter on that boat! Great stuff.
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By RaZ
sorry about the dawg steelie.

you and MD look like twins.

looking fwd to floating in that bote next year!
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By ironman
I know that exit all too well. Many people that live south, think that's the an international line of demarcation.

Dig the new ride, SH. And the generosity by Maine. Solid stuff fellas.

Sorry about Chloe, dude. Sip shall be poured.

So.... if this rain thing doesn't happen before the RB. There may be a musky flotilla, no?
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By blumpkin
You are a solid dude that doesn't pass judgment.
No way all my rowing training is going to waste.

The Drakian Child / Dog curse is depressing.
By steelhound
[report]The stars aligned and my two buddies were able to get away. We had about hours to put her through the paces.
Today we decided to try out an urban waterway
Didn't take too awful long to get some slime.
Heroes gonna be heroes
We also got to meet some other locals
Not the best photographic documentation, but that black dot in the center is a bald eagle.
Thanks for all the kind words about my pooch. The house is definitely not the same without her.
By steelhound
[report]While the hordes were out saving 25 bucks on flat screen tv's I asked a friend if he wanted to come check out the new boat. He said yes and we met at the local watering hole
My friend doesn't fish, and wanted to learn how to row. He's a perfect fit.
And while he rowed I actually got to fish. None were harmed
Not a bad way to burn an hour and a half.[/report]
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By AftonAngler

Sorry about your god steelhound...I just was in the same boat...

Awesome story! MaineDrifter is a special dude!! I'm lucky to say I've shared boat time with him here in Wisco...and look forward to the day when I'll be able to visit his home - looks awesome.

Take Care and Enjoy

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By fallen513
Damn this place sucks. Just not what it used to be.

Much love from the 513 crew to Jasper & Chad… two real solid dudes.

I'll have to come test that vessel out.
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One of my favorites, sad.

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