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Hogleg wrote:
Lurgee wrote:Somewhere that doesn't quite make sense the "save the dace" banner and a piece fried chicken should be proudly displayed.
I envision it as sleeve patch. A chied fricken leg standing vertical with one of those ribbons lime breast cancer awareness or whatever around it with "Save the Dace" beneath it.

We have to sneak a lime in here somewhere too.
This really ought to be one of those enamel pins Mitch collects.
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By fatman
Lurgee wrote:and a monocle.
great item for scale
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By austrotard

This really ought to be one of those enamel pins Mitch collects.[/quote]

cameos, mate. they're called a cameo.

here's another:

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By jhnnythndr
Alright hey. Listen- for those who don't understand the yabba dabba doo zombie Elvis I've got- I present, by way of

Clarification, this video.

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Hogleg wrote:
SLSS wrote:Just so ya'll know, I want all the input I can get.

Then I'm going to do what ever I want. :cool
That's fine Rick.

Just so long as what ever you want is what we want.

And what we want is, somewhere on the shirt, a picture of a monkey in a little cowboy suit (hat, chaps, vest, concho's, etc.) holding a blade (with blood dripping off of it) in one hand and five playing cards in the other.
aces of death please. and i am still down for 2
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no rainbow bears. i would not eat gummi bears if they were only rainbow. i would not give a shit if they were the originals from Germany either. fuck the bears.
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By Average Joe
These are some potential starting points - building blocks if you will - more than anything else. Just thought I'd throw them out here.
standoff.jpg (137.92 KiB) Viewed 1247 times
baby carriage.jpg
baby carriage.jpg (90.3 KiB) Viewed 1247 times
monkey sniper.jpg
monkey sniper.jpg (98.62 KiB) Viewed 1247 times
drunk mule.jpg
drunk mule.jpg (38.67 KiB) Viewed 1247 times
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By austrotard
I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these shirts.
I reckon I'll be arrested for wearing a garment meant to cause chaos, panic and lemming-like suicides.

definitely a marching bear or at least a doo-dah man.

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oh my dog, first laugh at 446am.
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By austrotard
any and all animals/fish should have mouth guards as well.
especially those I like to move it move it bastards.
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By Lando
Please add some chicken fried steak as well.

Roughfish swap (Heero backed out)

Mine are inbound via US post :wink

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