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so I have this mason jar of misfits, failed experiments, fished success's never to be tied again all placed in this that needs a home, there is some good shit in here that I just don't have teh energy to fuck with after the mini downfall of late last summer.

it would be cool if you guys could pass this jar around , put some take some do whatever you want. dry's to meat inside. meat with crooked eyes etc. stuff tat will fis but for whatever reason did not make the cut. maybe e could get a list to pass it around to.

first solid dude gets it , then decides what to do with ti.
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jar o flies 001.JPG
jar o flies 001.JPG (473.15 KiB) Viewed 1699 times
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By root wad
I would bet PBR's vets could give those a ride.
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My vet group is into tying. most cant get wet. some may have even come from my "other home" as it is know.
I just swept off a swath off my desk and that stff is inside . look carefully.
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By yard4sale
Rooster Fly?
jar o flies 001.JPG
jar o flies 001.JPG (474.07 KiB) Viewed 1668 times
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tree limb trophy no doubt
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yes.had too much marabou for my liking. there are some big nasties that didnt come out perfect in there. articulated.
the idea was to take some , put some , pass the jar on. i guess we dont do tha tstuff anymore. not even 1 pic in an intro is something we dont do anymore either.
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By Boomin
Send it to me: I will organize (seeing that pile is driving me mad...MAN), remove rooster tails, steal some wiley greenfish ties, and add my arsenal of never used trout-tay treats.
By chadroc
put my address on this and i'll take 2 flies and put 4 back in return. i got lots.
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Chad, send me your address, send it to Boomin next, from there it travels on.........................................
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By stratabass
If somebody can pull out six and send them to whoever wins the ncaa disaster while I finish the tps reports....

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