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By K_P
President's Day works for me.

Note to self:

late October: Kill deer

mid-ish November: field dress carcass

early December: skin carcass

late December: chip ice and magpie droppings off carcass

January: start smudge pot under carcass

February: cut into thin strips and mail
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By Hogleg
Presidents' Day it is.
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By slavetotheflyrod
Am I the only one that found this thread to be a total let-down?
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By TX.
Black bear.
Won't make till this afternoon let alone January
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By Jed
Did not take long for this list to fill up. I'll be happy to volunteer as the official taste tester and decide on the winner. I can have an award winning chef from a Michelin 2 star restaurant participate in the judging if you like.

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By TX.
Damn, that pic looks worse than it did on my tablet.
Kid (22) that works for me, his dad killed it (3 last week).
He was off the day I made it, texted an hour after he picked it up, said it was almost gone.
Told ya.
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By pxatim
The Winchester Model 70 .270 is a fine rifle.



The kid approved and ground the almost 30lbs of burger with no help.

All those roasts are set aside for jerky. The rest will be cut into steaks.

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By fatman
bumpin this. one batch done, need to get some ziplocs and figure how many more needed.... :smile
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By fatman
There will be hunger in other lodges tonight....
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