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By Hogleg
All participant's jerkings have been received just six short days after the due date, must be some kind of record. Thanks to the Phtheven of you that came though and a special thanks to AJ for stepping up on short notice.

I'll do my damndest to ship everything out by Saturday but I forgot to write down all the return shipping addresses off the packages. So shoot me a PM or text with your return shipping addresses please.
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By Hogleg
[report]Nice looking pile of goodness here:

jerk 3 (1280x1000).jpg
jerk 3 (1280x1000).jpg (981.65 KiB) Viewed 1490 times
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By Hogleg
[report]I had a few cocktails, washed my dirty cabbage collectors real good, sanitized the countertops, put on some exam gloves and dove right into that beautiful dried meat pile tonight fellas.

I have to admit that I was very tempted to just eat it all myself in one sitting. Instead I just licked all of the individual pieces real good before placing them ever so carefully into the shipping bags.

Anyhoo, soon as I have return addresses it all comes to you (kindly and gently licked).

Maybe once you all receive your respective packages from the Drakian Jerk Off V1 you could reply back here to this chat room with your impressions of the works of each artisan.

I've sampled and licked them all and can honestly say that there is no clear winner in my opinion- they each have their own Je Ne Sais Quoi. Another way to say it is that there is some God damned good fucking jerky in this swap fellas.

Then again, this is merely an exhibition, not a competition- no wagering please.

Relates: I might have taken an excessive sticker dump.
JERK 4 (1280x1280).jpg
JERK 4 (1280x1280).jpg (1.05 MiB) Viewed 1475 times
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By fatman
Xtra points for AFT :smile
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By Woolybug25
I have to say though... The "dick blood and tears" sticker is a little disturbing. I guess I would have to see the entire sticker, but I'm not really seeing the humor there.
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By Woolybug25
pxatim wrote:It depends... is it dick, blood and tears

Or dick blood, and tears
I'm pretty sure those are the same scenario, just pre vs post. Ha.
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By pxatim
Woolybug25 wrote:
pxatim wrote:It depends... is it dick, blood and tears

Or dick blood, and tears
I'm pretty sure those are the same scenario, just pre vs post. Ha.
As long as it's your blood...

doesn't' make it ghey
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By Average Joe
Before these fine products get sent out, I'd just like to state that a piece of my jerky, which will no doubt test the strength of any man's teeth, can also (in a pinch) be used as a guitar pick, or a wood biscuit, or to shim the short leg of a table or chair, should the need arise.

I'm hoping that will compensate for me not including any butt f*ck or dick blood stickers.

*(fucking 403 FORBIDDEN)
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