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By ironman
Got junk punched this morning after a call from the vet. Magnolia Mae has been battling blood in her urine since Jan. Initially, there was a urinary tract infection and small stones. This morning it became bladder cancer. Other than this, she's a healthy and happy 8 YO GSP. Brown Dog. White Dog is Buckeye Wild, her litter mate.
My Favorite Pic of them:

We have scheduled an ultrasound on 4/25 with an IM Vet Specialist. Anyone have any insight or experience with this?
No insight. But dang. I hope theyre either wrong with the diagnosis or they get it.

Guys, stop posting about your dogs dying and being sick -- its really depressing.

(I dont really mean that -- sympathies help, I know)

Good luck, Ironaman and Magnolia Mae.
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By BigTimber
Do what you can afford, but it can get ridiculous real fast. There's a lot of vets out there that will give you false hope and tell you to do surgeries and chemo and shit like you would a human, but I will never go through it again. Had some tumors removed in a husky once, only for it to come back 6 months later. Make her comfortable as you can for as long as you can and the both of you will know when it's time to let go.
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By austrotard
cancer, no.

but disappearing off the face of the earth?
yeah... I got that covered.

hopefully it's something treatable.
good luck, mate.
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By ironman
Appreciate it guys. Wasn't posting for sympathies, but thanks.

Got a call from the top vet. The ultrasound will tell all. If it's at the top where everything comes into the bladder, time is short. If it's new or in the lower section, there's a possibility for non surgical treatment with a pill, where there could be years. We won't be doing surgeries or chemo, that's been decided.

I'm realistic and hopeful. The no treat rule due to uti treatment, has been suspended indefinitely, and we will make the best of what we have here.
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By ironman
ChaseChrome wrote:That's it to make the best of it with the time available rather than further torturing the poor thing with IV's or any other sundry interventions...

Good on ya...
See ya soon(ish)
Yeah. Best get a few numbers picked out and locked in. Looks like a decent water year. And light spray poles are all the rage.
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By RaZ
sorry to read this ironman. my folks inherited my aunts little dog when she passed away back in 08... since then its been diagnosed with several cancers. little fucker wont die. its had a few grand worth of surgery. changing diets constantly. i think it has diabetes now... no fun. but like others said, you unfortunately have to weigh cost+quality of life and let go of any feelings of selfishness towards your remaining time w the god. its never an easy decision. make the most of it man.
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By ironman
Thanks for all the notes and stuff guys. Appreciate it.

Well, it's cancer, and the mass it at the bottom (best case scenario). The non-chemo tumor shrinking pill is en route, and we are hopeful this will accomplish what it's said to: shrink the mass, which will free her from straining and discomfort. Her other organs are clear, obviously good news. In the end, it'll get her. Not talking years, but the vet said not to count her out - she's otherwise very strong and healthy. We will know if this pill is working pretty quick.

And I misspoke - these guys will be 10 in Sept. We lost Chopper when he was 8.

We took the rebuilt truck today. She always rides shotgun. I laughed when thinking of what this must have looked like to the other travelers. Then I took the picture. The men might have thought: priorities. The women probably thought: what an asshole.


Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.
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By kish
As good as you could hope for is always a win. :cool
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By fatman
hang in there, buddy

my god won't ride in the shotgun, she wants to curl up in my lap...

I also can't take her fishing - when she sees water she starts looking for
birds/dummies to bring back. Watta twat. :smile
Roughfish swap (Heero backed out)

Mine are inbound via US post :wink

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