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By Bruiser
Hang in there bro. We had the same experience this summer with our Big B. RIP Magnolia.
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By fly-chucker
will pour one out for the both of you my friend
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By kish
Sorry to hear, man. Damn dogs…they're all gonna break our hearts eventually.
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By Kfoxwyo
Sorry, man. Those days are the toughest. Ill be pouring a sip this afternoon-
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Damn man, sorry to hear. Keep thinking about those good times you had together, the smiles those memories bring can only help to ease the pain during what is always a hell of a hard thing to get through. I'll give Joe a little extra ear scratching tonight in her honor.
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By ironman
Guys, thanks. Appreciate the support.

Mitch - I was just so bummed about Rochester, that was tragic on a level I don't want to know. We knew the cancer would get her, and I can honestly say, we didn't miss an opportunity to spoil her these last months. Extra everything. And even before we knew what was happening, that's pretty much God life here.

Yesterday was real hard.

We went through photos and videos this morning, and nobody cried. We laughed and smiled. I'll consider that good, and what she wanted. Gonna take some time to get used to how quiet the house is without her, though. Time, I guess.

Cheers, fellas. Thanks again.
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By Randall Dee
Been 2 weeks now for me. I came home today to an empty house expecting her to pick up whatever toy was handy and greet me at the door like she always did. And then I sobered up.

Hang in there. It gets better.
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By austrotard
pro-tip: as soon as you're ready get back on that horse, fellas.

admittedly ours was 26 days later. but as you lot know we had some wee hearts to mend.
during the hiatus I had asked my mate about it who's owned dogs all of his life. he told me that the feeling doesn't go away until you get another. every day you'll find yourself doing something that doesn't need doing. and you just feel lost. that's how he correctly put it.
I didn't own a dog for 35yrs until we got rochester and when we lost him I didn't know how the fuck I'd ever lived without one.

now every night I walk benson past his ashes and always mutter a 'miss you, *nigel*.' or some other nonsense.

which, in case you were wondering... doesn't make me gay.
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By ironman
Her litter mate, Buckeye, is still with us. He's been off for sure, but getting back to his old ways. They had their own language, and are different in personality. He is more independent, where she would follow you around more. The last few days we've seen more of him. Which is good.

Can't help but feel a little robbed. Aside from the cancer, these gods are/were in exceptional shape. Didn't think we'd be dealing with this for some time.

I don't know how fair a pup would be to him. Although I think he'd like the company.
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