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By Kfoxwyo
Hello and sorry to see your note, I as others have wish you the best of luck- I might be in the minority here but in my situation I think I made the correct choice at the time. My lab was nine and we found a bump which the vet first dismissed as a fatty tumor which is very common. I asked for confirmation and it came back as mass cell- he was nine at the time, healthy and happy, nine for me was a little too early.

I went over to UC Davis and their team provided an experience that bettered any visit I have had with a physician or health care facility. In sum we found five different tumors and a mass on his right small toe. In this case it was not attached to any organs. operation was lengthy and they felt like they got good margins and removed the toe..

It was several weeks before he bounced back to more or less normal. I decided one surgery and no chemo or other intervention. He now 13 and getting lame but I am appreciative of the additional time, fun and adventures. I do not have the typical burdens of most, that is to say I have no kids or a wife so the finical contribution to UC Davis was within my budget and with hindsight a worthy investment. Not sure if I will get another dog after he passes- the rational side of me says it will be far to quiet in the house not to..
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By Transylwader
Damn MC, hate to hear this. Fuck cancer with a capital fucking F.
Gods will be Gods, here for a short while and a good time. We get to suffer the most because we almost always outlive the good stuff.
Enjoy y'alls trip and punch PXA in the fukk would ya? :cool
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By ironman
She did so well up until today. Fought a great fight, and we had lots of quality time as a family.

We knew the day would come. And while it's so hard to let go, it was the right thing. I'll miss you girl. Love you. Thanks for picking me. Always in our hearts. Dogspeed Magnolia Mae. 9/30/06 - 9/2/16

Pour a sip, fellas. And thanks to all who knew, and supported me through this.
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Shit bud. Sorry.
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By root wad
Really hate hearing this. Treasure the great memories. They last longer than the sorrow.
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By austrotard
if you're anything like me it's a rough 48hrs ahead.
just spend some time in the bathroom and the car. and try not to crash said car like I did... pull over.

sorry, mate.
and I'm not actually sure it would be better knowing it was coming. let us know when you're good.
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By fatman
dogspeed, MM
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