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Excellence all around.

Yer Pal,
CarelessEthiopian wrote:[report]I learned a lot.
My guide has started to let slip some of the subtle aspects of tarpon fishing. Stuff that I was clueless about and that I wasn't ready to know in years past. I didn't need to know then.

This shit is so fucking hard, and I love it.
This sums up what is great about fishing. Awesome report Ben.
yard4sale wrote:2016: year of the awesome skunk

Bill wouldn't let me drive his skiff :(
No what I said was "Sorry Matt, you cannot sit on my lap." And yes those fish are tough. Gotta love them. Sorry our timing did not align Ben. But it appears you were not without worthwhile activities. Perhaps next time.
CarelessEthiopian wrote:
This shit is so fucking hard, and I love it.
Seems to be the general consensus. Glad to hear I wasn't the only who flailed and got yelled at.

Please tell me you put flowers on Laverne's grave.

Looks like junior had the trip of his young life time.
Little Gregory's charmed life thus far is really something special and extraordinary. Might as well bring him along on our little float trip in a few months. Seems like it's about time he learned how to shit in a groover.
The little squirt piloting the skiff was just the cherry on top of this.
If you're going to get skunked, that looks like a great way to do it :cool

Wrong thread for newb fuckery, Fanny.

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