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By southernstrain
Okay so I know a lot of you have or currently work in Alaska, or maybe you have just visited and can give me some direction.

My wife and I would like to start working summers up there. I had a brief stint guiding while working at a flyshop a few years ago and have worked as a mate part time on a charter boat while here in Naples. I should be receiving my 25 ton masters license with towing endorsement from uscg here in the next few weeks and my wife has 7 years of customer service and management experience. We are both drug free and are more than willing to submit the required paperwork. We would greatly appreciate any leads or information that would help us with finding a new adventure.

Thanks guys!
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By West Chester
We have a "restaurant" here in Anchorage where she could come try out.

Address for when you arrive is 631 E International Airport Rd, Anchorage

Before making the flight for try outs you best PM me some pictures... :cool
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By yard4sale
PM Johny Thunder. too easy

Don't mention the drug free bit...
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By blumpkin
We should turn this into one of those bake type deals.
With tarps and such.
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By fishskibum
ive been to alaska
hard to git this high w/out drugs
Roughfish swap (Heero backed out)

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