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By Woolybug25
austrotard wrote:I still haven't received my 'fuck travis' stickie.

I want the press to know this.
I haven't received my waders, so there's that.

Gander Mountain Kalamazoo - 2000-2004

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By -G-
Woolybug25 wrote:Gander Mountain Kalamazoo - 2000-2004

Shit WB I was like... barely off the tit then but you probably sold me some Kzoo river smally stuff way back when. Pops would drive me and I'd spend the 5 dollars I got for mowing the lawn on purple Gary Yamamoto twisty tail grubs... Haha
By speybait
Haven't fished that river since 1993 but your writing put me right back on it.
You forgot to mention having grouse bust up right in your face when you hit the bushes for a piss. That's my memory. typical.

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