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slatelacy wrote:Successful Fly Fishing outfitter and Guide service in business almost 30 years. Extremely loyal clientele and very successful guide business. Feel free to contact for more info. Serious inquiries only please.
how much?

is there shine available in Boone, Norf Kacalacky?

do the headquarters have gender neutral restrooms?
How successful is it?

If its so successful why are you selling it?

Never heard anyone say the are selling an unsuccessful business, so I have a hard time trusting people. Being a salesman myself I know I can't even trust me.

Please post the last 10 year worth of income and I will need 3 years of loss runs from you commercial policy.

Then I can think about it
CarelessEthiopian wrote:Can I put a trump sticker on my boat?
Paging Steelrain...your neck of the woods here...
ha ha... schlatelacy is german for woofter.

small print: you know... if you like to make up foreign words.

slatelacy wrote:Perhaps posting on this particular forum wasn't the best move.
I'm wagering it'll be the funniest thing you've done in 30yrs.
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