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I had no idea what a woofter was. 3point score for Mitch!
I am now plussed.
Ha! That's awesome!

Hey Bill, should I bring my raft next year?
Man! What a find this forum was! All of you are obviously much more qualified trout fisherman than I could ever hope to be. After being in the fishing business over half of my life, I am still shocked at what I can learn from such an accomplished group of enthusiasts! Keep up the good work boys! The future of our sport depends on you.
So you have been in the industry for 6 years?

By the by we are all anadromous carp fisherfolks here. Except Scott, he just spams the innerwebs with fly pics.
Is there a theme for this business? All the truly successful outfitters have a theme.... something like buckskin jackets and coontailed hats or how 'bout some banjos, y'all like banjos.

>>> consulting fee $5.
slatelacy wrote:Perhaps posting on this particular forum wasn't the best move. I just thought I would check here for interest. I'm only selling because I am moving out of state.
Perhaps you could step up and host the 2016 Rustbelt. That would seal the deal, and be your best move.

Aside from moving.

GTFO :coffee
CharlieJenkem wrote:
slatelacy wrote:I'm only selling because I am moving out of state.
Let me guess... You're cashing it in so you can be a trout bum in Brozeman. Or a "tarpon guide" in the keys. Is this you?:

Yardsale is no longer the biggest trout weenie with tarpon fever.

(Let's do take our rafts down there yard, we'll crush that guy.)
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