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I am in search of a classic up-downer style of hat similar to what Lefty and Mark Sosin wear/wore

There are various hi-tech models out there by 'Gucci and Simms, but I would prefer an old school
cotton version. the Googles haven't turned up any options.

Advice requested. Smart-ass commentary and hijinks encouraged.


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pbrstreetgang wrote:You might want to consider a burka...
ok. I have considered.

no :smile
I don't know nuthin bout no hats but I do now there is a chick who looks just like the top one in my office. Now I feel like I've seen her tits. :cool
fatman wrote:I am in search of a classic up-downer style
What you need is a visor and a buff

Ask on Dan Blanton's board, you might even get an answer from Lefty himself.
pbrstreetgang wrote:A time machine might work better
number two looks like a balloon with an elastic around the middle.
her arms are strategically placed, hey... most likely hiding some snadwiches.

if you're after a stoopid looking hat chances are I can find one here.
this place is full of those goofy bastards.

chin strap?
my dads got one from the 60's
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