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Randall Dee wrote:I figured it might be worth one of your paint brushes.
6 x 8. Inches. not feet. Though for you, bud, I'd go 8 x 10. If I paint that size again.
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By Hogleg
Wait, what does SLSS get here besides fucked?

I lost the plot.
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By yard4sale
Hogleg wrote:Wait, what does SLSS get here besides fucked?

I lost the plot.
Hes an artist so it should come naturally....
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By austrotard
'my art is getting fucked.'


'my art is getting fucked up.'


'whereas my art is getting fucked up the bum.'

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By fly-chucker
This is getting too damn confusing, so I'm gonna clear things right up.

2 cumsocks full of pennies, 1 for SLSS artwork and the other for one of those bauer lm3's that WB's sitting on.

darth, you snooze you loose :wink
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I could slide right outa this whole mess unscathed if Darth would get back here and swap me for that SAGE reel. :coffee
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By Woolybug25
God damn it!!!! Nobody is backing out of anything.

Everything is gonna fine... we're fine.... Darth will come back...

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By MaineDrifter
Darth hadn't been here since April 2014 at 3:03 am. Then he pops in and every one wants to give him three reels. Amidst this all, kind SLSS gets thrown under the bus to send free art work, across the country mind you, to some chump he doesn't know.

Fuckin Drake ....
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By yard4sale
Is it too late to get in on this yankee swap? I've got some old spools of tippet I could contribute.
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