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By Nemo
#106757 800-669-3474 Graphic Artist/Web Developer/Desktop Publishing Developern The Fly Shop is looking for the right person to step in and help us continuing to build our catalogs, brochures, ads, and print media.n Responsibilities will include expanding, refining, and constantlyn re-designing the next generation of our wwebsite, used by thousands of fly fishermen each day. We need a strong, detail-oriented graphics person with both imagination and experience, and a passion for either fly fishing or the outdoor world. You'll need to be self-motivated with an understanding of what works in catalogs, print ads, and on the web. And what doesn't. The job requires a gift for ingenuity and an interest in marketing and advertising. It's a chance to wear a lot of hats, grow professionally and make a contribution to a company that is well-positioned, financially secure, and interested in marketing to the next generation of fly fishermen. This is no start-up. We get nearly a million hits each day on ourn already successful on-line catalog site. Add to that nearly thirty years as the fly fishing industry leader and the largest (178-page, 4-color) catalog in the business, mailed each January to more than 300,000 people. Our retail, catalog, private water, guide service, and international travel departments consolidate to form what is, arguably, the largest independent fly fishing company in the world. Still, The Fly Shop is a company where there's lots of potential, and a management philosophy that encourages independent and creative thinking. We treatn everyone here like big boys and girls, give them the job, somen direction, all the help they need to get started, and expect them to doit. We're interested in hard work, good ideas, and results. Responsibilities: n Your first fall will be consumed by assisting in the design andn development of our 2008 retail catalog. You'll work side-by-side with the owner of the company, and the independent graphic artist that has supervised the successful and constantly evolving design for nearly a decade. At the same time you will become responsible for the changes on the existing retail, travel, and regional guide service portions of the web-site, incorporating the design elements developed for the current catalog. During the first few months you will work closely with the webmaster that developed the current web design. Once you are familiarn with the platform and format, you will be free and encouraged to launch new ideas and make changes. There are constant advertisements, brochures, and marketing pieces required for promotion of regional guides, destinations, and the international travel departments. And there is a need for the design of retail (in-store) promotional POP signs. You'll be using an already existing library of thousands of professional digital images and responsible for becoming familiar with and adding to all of them, while cataloging them for future reference. We work with the best professional photographers in the industry and have built a reputation for top quality presentation. You'll have a chance to help develop Power Point presentations and DVD marketing for some of the mostn influential groups and best known personalities in America. Required Skills and Experience* Mastery of advanced Photoshop techniques* Thorough grounding in Quark and In-Design* Fundamentals of advertising, merchandising, * Experience and strong grasp of symbols, photography, and illustration and their application to our web and print messages.* An appreciation for the outdoors and a passion forn the outdoor experience. n Preferred Skills and Experience A maniacal interest in fly fishing. Failing that, a rabid appreciation for the outdoors and a willingness to learn the intricacies of the sport. Frankly, we'd like to have someone that is nuts about fly fishing, speaks the language and is able to convey that in everything they create. The person responsible for our website and print needs someone that, after working with us our experienced team for a few months, is willing and able to concentrate on full time development of our catalog and website all year long, media needs to be able to convey the sense of excitement that everyone here feels about the destinations,n the products, and the sport.Like most employers, we're interested in finding someone with a proven track record in graphic artistry, but won't rule out application from recent graduates if they can convince us they've got the tools, ability, and interest in taking us in the right directio
Management goals for this positionn Our company at the same time improving on and decveloping on other projects. The end goal is an expansion of advertising and promotion to a level that will both challenge the graphic artist and continue our tradition of growth. The community and working environmentn Redding is located in the northernmost part of California.It is as rural and far removed from the Swartznegger/Disneyland Golden State stereotype as can be imagined. There are fewer than a million people in the north half of the state, an area nearly as large as Montana. We have nearly 750 miles of rivers and streams within a short driving distance, and three wilderness areas within range of our shop. Nearly every person inn the company owns their own home in Redding. It is both an affordable and beautiful community. The weather is marvelous for ten months of the year, and hotter than hell here for the other two months on the calendar, but that's why God made air conditioning. Redding has more churches than gas stations, four theaters, and an outdoor ethic that permeates the city. We have huge lakes in each direction and one of the great trout fishing rivers of America flowing right through town. It is,n by any definition, a great place to live and raise a family. There are about 40 people that work for The Fly Shop and most have been with us for years. We work hard to find the right people, and harder to keep them. Now positions that develop are usually a result of growth and expanded horizons. There is little turnover within the staff, and a job at this company is often part of a lifestyle. Salary and benefitsn What The Fly Shop offers financially is competitive to start, butn largely dependent on the skills, experience, and ability of then applicant. To apply, please email your resume to mike@theflyshop.comn <mailto>
By synister370
Nemothank you for posting this position i have sent in my information to mike.I have been lookinging into a career change towards the my love of outdoors and fly fishing and im a designer for the air force and this hit me like a deer in headlights! thanks for the heads upaaron spangler

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