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Granger Victory 7030 7ft. Bamboo flyrod

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 5:22 am
by majorcarp
I've listed a Wright & McGill Granger Victory 7030 7 ft. bamboo flyrod on Ebay and thought I'd spread the word to potential collectors. The link is posted below. The rod is almost flawless. The only thing not perfect about it is slight tarnishing of the reel seat and ferrules which is easily polished. It casts a 4 or 5 wgt line nicely - 4wgt a little better. I've had a the rod a long time and only fished it once. As wonderful as it is, I don't use it, traditional archery is my thing, so this should probably go to someone who will appreciate it more. The reel seat is smooth, ferrules pop nicely, all original wraps are flawless, and both tips are very straight. Neither tip has been broken. As far as I can tell, it was hardly, if ever fished except by me. It's a really nice rod. This rod came to me in a black cardboard tube and a cloth sack. I think the sack is original, but I don't think the tube is. A similar one in this condition on Ebay recently went for $640 with the original tube and sack. Anyway, it’s a beauty - Thanks.n Link to auctionn ... :IT&ih=013