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By fatman

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By jhnnythndr
what the fuck does that have to do with the fucking dead? take your fucking spam elsewhere asshole
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By jhnnythndr
I love this show, becasue Jerry was so visibly having a blast. I post alot of songs from this one. Box of rain is one of my alltime faves, I like it best as its rootsy traditional sound- and they captured a good bit of that here, listen especially to how jerry opens up his solo and his fills that he plays during the verses.

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By befuddled
does it come with push pole and casting platform? what's the draft?
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By DeadRatsClacker
burbot wrote:it taint that hard it's the same code mang. Image

what are you trying to hide from _ the fucking blind???

worst camo ever. If that's a custom factory job it was either the day the hippie cabbage landed or they day of the local pre-school field trip.
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By fatman

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By augustwest
This closed an amazing 2nd set just before the Johnny B Goode encore that fatman posted above. Had the good fortune to be there that night.

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By Aguirre

I personally think nothing after 78 is really worth listening to these days. EXCEPT anytime Bobby sang Women R Smarter, cause that shit rocks hell!

This is a fun little gem, gets real heavy around 7:30. Wonderful stuff.

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By Lenny
always liked Lightning>Supplication. Weather Report>Let It Grow was a silly rocker/1st set closer from the Donna vintage too.

Help me with the You Tube thing. Fukk, it used to be easy before they fixed it.
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