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By Aguirre

This is cool as shit. I went to see Further last Sunday, they did the whole Terrapin saga, beginning to end, it was the tits. It had me searching for more. I forget how awesome Robert Hunter is sometimes.
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By fatman
Speaking of Robert Hunter.....

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By tailchaser


What the fuk is going on at 3:35 during Jack Straw? Is that really necessary? Otherwise a kick ass song.[/quote]

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By Aguirre

around 8:40ish is the goodness between Jerry and Phil but it should really be enjoyed from about 7:30 on in to the peak.

"Counting stars by candlelight!"
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By Yard Sale
Bump for our retraded Austrian friend.
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By jhnnythndr
Fuck you shitbag. Get the fuck outta here.
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By Bruiser
[quote="fatman"]Speaking of Robert Hunter.....


Dang Fatman, I need to party with you. Beat me to it.
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