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By augustwest
[quote="Aguirre"]Fuck yeah fatman. I love Hunter's music and I love him singing it.

Dig this fuckers:

From the movie but if you can't get down with this you need to check your pulse.

Cause your dead.

Right out side this lazy summer home.[/quote]





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By CharlieJenkem
Sweet Auggie :cool

"Back to back, chicken shack" guy has always been my favorite part of that movie. Well him, and "I'm just trying to get my space together" guy. Where are they now??
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By Bruiser
That's always pretty much been my favorite GD vid because of that guy. :cool
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By Lenny
For all you '72 fans, this is out, with 110 minute DVD. Veneta OR 8/27/72

The 32 minute Dark Star is delicious.

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By Bruiser

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By fatman

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